New member: Fiona MacColl, Silverwater NSW (Australia)

Fiona is a professional, M.M. (UTS), a M.Plan (UTS) and an undergraduate degree B.L.Arch (UNSW), with a passion for the planning, design and management of public open space, the provision of recreation and leisure opportunities for the community and sustainable business management of this infrastructure.  She has extensive experience in private industry and government, with expertise in the development of strategic documents, project development, sustainability and environmental management, service provision, policy development and implementation.  

As part of a small team, they developed the soon to be open-source database of sports and active recreation facilities for New South Wales, Australia. She was part of „project control group“ investigating the environmental, social, economic and governance regarding installation and usage of synthetic sports turf vs. natural turf. 

Fiona MacColl_portrait pic_3514