WHO publishes global status report on physical activity 2022

Regular physical activity promotes both mental and physical health in people of all ages. Yet, today, more than 80% of adolescents and 27% of adults do not meet WHO’s recommended levels of physical activity.  This affects not only individuals over their life course, but also places a financial burden on health services and society as a whole.

WHO’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030 (GAPPA) provided recommendations to help countries increase levels of physical activity within their populations, by developing and implementing dedicated comprehensive national policies to ensure safer roads for cycling and walking; accessible opportunities for active recreation where people live, work and play; and on physical activity.

Four years after GAPPA the first Global status report on physical activity charts progress on country implementation of these recommendations to achieve the global target of a 15 % relative reduction in the prevalence of physical inactivity by 2030. The comprehensive 132-pages report is available for download, as well as country profiles presenting data, statistics and information to provide national health profiles.


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