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Social and financial sustainability of public pools on the agenda on 7 November

Decision-making processes for public pools should start by defining socio-economic outcomes and political goals of a new project. Only after knowing why we build a new pool, we should discuss what we build. Another key for success is creating a business feasibility study. What is the benefit and logic of regional planning? Why should we calculate and know all life-cycle costs of a project? Finally, there are different operating models available, including PPP and revenue models. Sometimes municipalities want to sell outdoor or sports pools, but not every operating model is reasonable for every type of pool.

The right order of decisions is crucial for the success of public pool development. HCMA Managing Principal Darryl Condon will give insights from Canada. Dr Stefan Kannewischer, CEO of Kannewischer Management from Switzerland will speak about economic sustainability: Optimising financial planning to get best value. “Operating models: Choose the right one for your pool” is Gar Holohan’s topic. The founder and Executive Chairman of Aura Holohan Leisure Group brings fresh ideas from Ireland to you.

The session is moderated by Karin Schwarz-Viechtbauer, Director at the Austrian Institute for School and Sports Facilities (ÖISS) in Vienna, Austria.

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Photo: David Matthiessen